If you are planning  your perfect getaway, our wide-ranging experience ensures that we can help you create a holiday of a lifetime. TheTravelShop offers the most comprehensive guided tour options all around the world, from group packages to tailor-made private itineraries and charter flights. We have a vested interest in providing superior customer service as we are confident that you will find that we offer great products at a very competitive price.
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The Travel Shop offers you a wide range of travel services, including the best available flights. We will find the cheapest, most convenient and most comfortable flights. Our Service Center provides travelers with assistance outside the normal business hours. No matter where in the world you may have a problem, Orient Plus is one call away with a solution. Call us on our Hotline 71-091791. Your after-hours agent will have access to the traveler’s preferences and itinerary that makes this service the best ticketing service in Lebanon.
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TheTravelShop offers you a wide range of transfer types all around the globe. Private cars, Mini vans and buses providing excellent service at a reasonable price.
For this service there will be a person waiting for you as soon as you leave the customs area at the airport. Look for your name on a hand-held sign and then you’ll be on your way!
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Take part in our worldwide hotel reservation service and take advantage of the benefits this brings. TheTravelShop will find you the best hotel deals and book your hotel anywhere in the globe. We search all major informations, reviews and maps. You will stay at the best and pay less with our hotel reservation service that is primarily designed for vacationers, Honeymooners and business travelers.
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If you are going to be traveling for a short duration, you will most likely want to rent a car. TheTravelShop with an unrivaled customer service offers you a wide range of vehicles from small economy cars, deluxe cars and large family 7 Seaters. In addition to private male/female drivers.Book now and get the best deals and special offers.
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I traveled to varna with orient plus on 19/9/2007 and return on 27/9/2007. Orient plus was very good respect evrything they told me they offered wish travel again!

Henri Kaisar Khalil


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